5 weeks

Oddly enough, I have the blankest pages for what should be the busiest time of year for students. I guess writing "study" in every box gets too redundant and should go without saying.

Now that I'm on a break it will be interesting to see how my planner changes. No more assignments due! No more quizzes and exams! So far, I've just been writing down who I'm meeting with that day or what I wish to accomplish around the house (ie. empty out your messy closet!) and etc. It's so incredibly chill right now - it almost doesn't feel right.

Week 14,15,16 (combined!) - All but one of the highlighted sections are when I had exams. I was lucky to have it spaced out over a month but my break just starts later - I think it's a fair trade. The other highlighted section was for an important interview. Hope the results are good!

And this is the week so far. When I don't have the inspiration to draw or the mindset to doodle I tend to write quotes I find on tumblr or around the web. I'll upload a detailed shot soon. :)


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