Guu Izakaya

My last final exam was written on Tuesday afternoon and after a proper nights rest, it was only natural to go out the next day (and the day after that and the day after that)! If this summer is anything like the summer before, my friends and I will be eating out often and trying new foods. I can't wait!

Our first post-exam adventure led us to Guu, a popular Japanese izakaya-styled restaurant. Whether it is the first time eating at Guu or you are a frequent visitor I think you would be amazed at how loud it is in there. The moment we opened the door we were warmly greeted with waves of shouting from the server at the door to the back where the kitchen was. I liked watching reactions from people when they are greeted like that. My favorite was seeing them full of surprise mixed with uncontrollable laughter.

The menu consisted of many small items and a few mid-sized dishes for, as my friends would say, "getting full". But really, with a couple of small dishes you could get equally full. We learned that the hard way. :P My friends had been there before so they ordered and I tried everything. It was delicious!

I had to be reminded to take these photos! I was so into eating most of the time, I didn't even bother to pick up the camera. Hahaha

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