April Review

April was a better month. It was far from being an easy month nor was it a perfect month but it was decent enough to make me feel self-fulfilled. The days at the beginning of the month were mostly spent on campus, studying for final exams, going to review sessions or at home. Those days were so alike and seemed to blend in with each other so I'm surprised I got a different photo for each day! I missed a day though (ie 20th) so I cheated and I had plenty of close calls too (ie 28th) but overall this month is pretty complete. I definitely liked it more than March.

Using my ipod for take the photos during the core of the exam period was a great idea. At first it felt so wrong to leave my camera untouched. I mean, for over 3 months I had used it at least once a day, every day and suddenly I didn't use it anymore! I was horrified to find my camera starting to get dusty and went back to using it the moment my last "difficult" exam was complete.

Days to Note
April 5 - I realize my brother is taking up more and more time in the washroom getting ready. He combs his hair now. Before he started high school this was unprecedented!
April 7 - Interview for Co-op! I dressed up, wore heels, and confidently walked into a tree branch.
April 9 - Got my taxes done. Well, my parents insisted we should get the accountant to do it for us. There was a long wait and it was at such an inconvenient time. I got treated to Pho after so all was well, haha.
April 11 - I went home it wasn't dark! These days are monumental.
April 14 - Attempted to capture a falling rain drop but failed.

April 18 - A beautiful day with the best weather. I only remember it because I was stuck inside at the library. /bitter
April 22 - I visited the park and took a few shots of the blossoms and flowers. It was cloudy but I got some much needed fresh air.
April 23 - long weekend barbeque

April 25 - Free Love Day.
April 26 - FREEDOM FROM SCHOOL! + watched Hockey



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