Epic Day

The best days during the break are when you start the day with only one single task but end up doing more than you planned for.Yesterday was one of those days!

Stop 1 - Morning walk with Winnie
Winnie and I have been taking a lot of morning walks lately. Are we finally taking initiative to get ourselves fit? Not really, I like going out for walks! Yesterday we decided to go visit a small park/forest near our homes...yeah we live near a forest. amazing.
For "directionally challenged" people, it probably wasn't the smartest idea to go off the paved trails. We wandered off to a muddier, and narrower trail where we found cool cliffs and undisturbed flowers.

When we tried to get out of the forest, the first exit we found lead us to this really steep downhill. Neither of us felt comfortable going down so we made a loop back. You would think going back the same way we came would lead us to the same entrance but nope, that's not what happened! Hahaha, how did we even make it out?

Stop 2 - being Mall Rats
On my way home, I bumped into Yvonne who was on her way to do some shopping with Kitty. I had the fear of being bored at home so even with muddy boots and tired legs...I went along!

Stop 3 - Non stop eating
Any quota for extra calories was gone by the time I had chicken mcnuggets but that didn't stop me from eating... especially if I had friends who were cooking and making yummy foods!

"Every time I think about exercise, I lie down 'till the thought goes away"
- A magnet on Judy's Fridge


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