Hong Kong: Part 3 & Macau

Is this real? I've finished going through my photos from Hong Kong?! Hurray! Writing this now, more than 3 months after my trip feels so strange. Summer seems so much farther away. The first two weeks I came back I was in total withdrawl mode. I missed the endless supply of sugary drinks like banana milk, milk tea and lemon tea wherever I went. I missed learning new things about my culture, living in new hotels and shopping on the streets of Hong Kong. Since coming back I turned 22, took on a full-time job, started to move to a bigger house and got accepted to Nursing school. Bam! 3 Months. 

Continuing from last post, I was at Lantau Village enjoying the place free from other tourists. Stores were starting to close and we were waiting for the last bus to leave. The bus ride down the mountain was filled with many tight corners. From the window it looked like the bus only had inches to spare with each turn! The scenery might be worth the near heart attacks though...maybe.

And that concludes my last batch of photos from Hong Kong! Our very last day was saved for a rushed trip to Macau. Looking back, I never want to do a rush trip again because it's way too stressful. We were there for 8 hours but I only had 3 hours of freedom to explore. There are way too many things to see and 3 hours was not enough. I did gamble there though...it was the first time I was old enough in that city! While I was walking through MGM I spent 5 mins playing the slot machine and won enough money for breakfast. YES! I don't even remember how much I won now that I'm thinking back but the fact I won anything with so little time is good enough.

And that's it! My summer trip to South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau. :)


Building your own photo wall

Those who have been following this blog or my instagram would know I started building my photo board earlier this year. With a recent deal on prints, I decided to print photos from my Asia trip and fill the rest of the board! If you are interested in building your own photo wall, here are some tips.

// Find a base board or large stretch of empty wall.
The larger the better! My room doesn't have enough space for a floor to ceiling photo wall so I compromised by building my collage onto an old corkboard.

// Print your favourite photos.
Chose whatever you want! I like to print my brighter photos because they make my room feel happier and I prefer to mix it up by selecting both "close up" shots "landscape" shots. Best to pick a size (4x4, 5x5, 4x6) that fits the layout you have in mind. I have all 3 of these sizes throughout my board and I print from London Drugs & Blacks.

// Pick a layout. 
If you are using the empty wall idea it is much easier to create different shapes with your photo wall. You can form a heart or diamonds/triangles or even letters/words if you have enough prints! Try laying it out on the floor and see what you like before sticking anything on the walls.

// Don't skimp out on tape.
On the top photo you can tell which photos I ran out of tape for because the corners I didn't put tape on stick up and casts a shadow. Aim for the clean look by putting tape or blue tack on all 4 corners rather than just the sides.

// Find some inspiration.
My favourite photos walls are from Pei Ketron, Cindy Loughridge, and Kristen May. Do you have any personal favourites?

What do you think? Is this a project you could do yourself? Let me know!



late bloomer?
  • I want to practice taking more portraits but that means I have to find willing participants.
  • I've been loving the fall sun and the fog has given off some very beautiful light and colors.
  • My love affair with my kit-lens has faded and now I'm back with my 50mm (I go through these phases every couple of months).
  • I'm leaning towards being a cat person lately....the neighborhood cats are just so cute! I even started researching on how much it costs to raise a cat. Aiyah.
  • I completed my photowall! I'm not 100% happy with it yet but it's not as bare anymore.
  • I don't know what to be for Halloween.
Have a good week ahead~


Hong Kong: Part 2

Growing up, Disneyland was a place I didn't dare to ask to go. Taking a vacation just because I wanted to seemed unreasonable and since no one else in my family really enjoyed rides, it was never made a priority to go. "Never?!" was the response I got when I told my daycare friends, my hair dresser or anyone else who asked if I've never been to the place "where dreams come true". As I got older I made it a goal to go at least once in my life and Hong Kong was the excellent opportunity to go. "But that's the worst one," is what I got when I told people about my plans and that did make me a bit sad but I had to go either way! I made it a life goal! So I did it. I went to the HK Disneyland...and I liked it! There is a little bit a magic in a place like Disneyland. Everything is so grande and made into a show. Even at 21 (at the time) it made me happy. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't get excited to see Mickey Mouse or the Disney Princesses wave my way. :)

The day we went to Disneyland was also one of the only clear days we had in HK and we rushed to catch the cable car to the Ngong Ping. We had just enough time to make it to the top, wander a bit and take the last bus down. The cable car was something we didn't have when I left HK for Canada so it made sense to at least try it. The problem was I'm terrified of heights so spent the 30+ min ride preoccupying myself by eating my curry fishballs or viewing everything outside through my camera or phone. Anything but actually looking out of the window... I remember the picture the site photographer took of my family before the ride. I was smiling on the outside but inside I wanted to cry. We later bought that picture in tacky snowglobe form and it now sits in my living room.

By the time we got to the top, the stairs that reached the Big Buddha was already closed and the stores near by were preparing to close too. For me, this was the perfect time to go because all the other tourists were either gone or leaving and I could photograph the place to my hearts content. It was so nice up there...thinking about it now makes me want to go back. I'll be showing more of those photos in my next update!



The name "sojoo" roots from "this is so Joany". Somehow in my convoluted thoughts, the name makes sense. On this blog you will find a collection of photos from my every day life. Hope you enjoy and stay for a little while.