A few steps back

Some random photos I tossed aside from February. // Lately I have been into film like colors and this has gotten me wondering if I should try out film photography. My first camera used film and at 11, I thought it was state of the art even when it was a simple point and shoot! I couldn't fathom of learning how to use anything manual. Haha, funny how that turned out. :)

I'm on the craigslist hunt for a film SLR now, hopefully I can find one that suits me before the blossoms bloom this spring. Either way, my interest for taking photos is slowly returning again and I think it has a lot to do with my July trip to Asia. I keep day dreaming about the photo possibilities!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Very well captured.

    *now your newest follower via feedly.

  2. Very beautiful photos you shot! I like the atmosphere of those pictures and your blog is also really nice. I started following you, so keep bloggin' :)

    Lots of love, Maho


    1. Thank you Maho, those are some really kind words and I appreciate the encouragement! :)




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