Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House

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Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House is along Dunsmir street and a short walk from the Granville skytrain station. The restaurant itself is small as it only sits a couple of tables and they are placed along the windows and walls. I arrived on a Thursday just before 12pm and by the time I left, the restaurant had a handful of people waiting for tables and/or waiting for their orders. Since the size of the space is small to begin with, it gets crowded in this location very fast. I recommend those who want a quiet lunch to come early or pick somewhere else!

Before trying Dae Ji, I was attracted to the delicious looking kimchi rice and the rumoured large portions. Both met my expectations and this made me really happy! V started out extremely confident he was going to finish both our orders but ultimately gave up because he "wasn't hungry to begin with". Ha, I finished it for him. 

The Kimchi Fried Rice was what I came here for. A friend's mom makes the most delicious homemade kimchi fried rice and I have never been able to find a restaurant equivalent that comes close until now. It is oily and spicier than others but I enjoyed it a lot. It is a crowd favorite too - I think every table around ours had this dish at their table! Break open the egg on top and mix well to add extra "creaminess" to the rice! This meal also came with a salad side and miso soup.

Our second choice was the Pork Cutlet Curry Rice (?). The plate itself was huge looking on the tiny table. It came with two pork cutlets, salad, macaroni and a bit of rice. Serving of the rice wasn't as much as I would expect but I suppose it is made up for with the salad and macaroni. The sides were mediocre though. As for the curry, it was similar to those found in Japanese restaurants - thick, flavorful and kind of sweet. Although the pork cutlets were well breaded, the meat was on the thinner side but was good nevertheless.

- Flavorful, yummy and filling meals for under $10
- Great for a quick lunch because the service is so quick
- You get your own little jug of water for your table, this is convenient because you can self serve

Things to note:
- Shop gets crowded very easily especially during lunch periods
- Meals were not very "hot" when they arrived so they were "cold" quickly

The portions are enough to satisfy most appetites. It is not a place for large groups nor is it particularly fancy but if you are in it for the food, the value and convenience, it is a good option for those in the area.




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