House of Tofu Soup

If I'm ever in Richmond my usual default places for Korean food are Jang Mo Jib or the
Kyung Bok Palace but since neither seemed appealing to me today I decided to try House of Tofu instead. The wet and cold weather always makes me crave for Korean tofu hotpot and this place was perfect to satisfy my craving.

I ordered the pork version and I loved how much tofu was in it! The rice was cooked in a stone pot and the server scoops it out for you into a smaller bowl before offering you the option of putting tea in the remainder of the stone pot. This soaks the harden bits of rice so you can easily take it off and eat it. It is almost like congee after a while and was interesting to try. Nevertheless, my craving was satisfied and I now have a new go-to Korean place to eat in Richmond.

- Lots of tofu and meat in the hotpot soups
- Stone pot rice was interesting
- Banchan (appetizers) were fresh and the pumpkin soup was delicious (must try!)

Other things to note:
- The bulgogi that comes with the combo is rather small and not meant to be share
- The japchae wasn't anything special
- "Mild" really is mild and not spicy at all


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