Science Grad 2013 - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

This week went by extremely quickly with all the end of term projects and graduation preparations. It is scary to know graduation is so soon and I am in an in-between state of extreme nervousness and utter relief. Science Grad was to celebrate the relief portion of it to say the least. Looking around at the event, I was surrounded by like-minded peers and classmates who made up a large part of my undergraduate experience at UBC. Some I met from the very first day of school and others throughout the past 4 years. When we are studying for exams, completing group assignments or working on labs we never really saw each other in our nicest clothes or moods but last night we all came together, dressed up and had fun! 

Funny how at the most important events do I decide to leave my nicer cameras at home. I carried my tiny clutch and was restricted to bringing an older (but smaller) Canon Powershot SD790 IS and my HTC Incredible S phone. Both handle ok in low light environments but unfortunately that is traded in for some really grainy photos. 

I took some time after the dinner and during the dance/party to take some detail shots. Last time I was at the Fairmont was in November to volunteer at a fundraising gala but I didn't have the opportunity to capture many of the empty spaces in the hotel until now. I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't capture the lines perfectly and the noise is a bit obvious but it will do.


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