Nitobe Memorial Garden @ UBC

On Saturday, T and I went to campus to visit the Nitobe Memorial Garden. I brought my fisheye lens on the trip and decided to try the macro mount alone. It was tricky to focus but I am pleased with the results. Pretty interesting! The garden was beautiful - I can't believe it was on campus but I never took the time to visit it. Very glad T asked me to come along on her photowalk. Thank you T!


Happy Friday! This is a "Photo Dump" Post...

 Flowers outside the Chan Centre at UBC. Next time I will be back here will probably be for my graduation ceremony in May!

 Good Old Irving Library. My home away from home for the first 2 years of my undergrad (then I moved onto to studying at Woodward or at home).

When the sky is clear, you can see this view from all the way across campus! I enjoy it a lot during stressful times.

 Piggy "Lai Wong Bao". Looks cute but doesn't taste very good.

Canada had its largest jackpot in its history! I rarely buy lottery tickets but I figure for $55 million dollars, I might as well give it a try. I only got one matching number so I was not even close to the jackpot. My dad won $10 dollars though. $$$


March Round Up

I am so very behind on cataloging my photos from February to now! Forgetting half of April is over, this is my March Round up! March was a month where Summer plans were starting to form. Plans are still not concrete but this Summer looks very exciting. Hopefully all will be resolved by the end of this month. I spent the better part of March trying to capture mountains from a moving train, looking up at the sky or looking down at my piles of work. I held back on spending, stayed indoors on most weekends and rekindled my relationship with Starbucks (Things were not the same after they removed their complementary soy milk from their gold card perks though). Weeks were defined by the amount of work lined up and the month quickly ended.

All these photos were taken with the HTC Incredible S via instagram @yojoane


Easter Long Weekend

I have been concentrated on a research paper this week and although the days went by quick, they felt very long. Does that make sense? Either way, I handed it in half a day early and I am content with it. Yay!

During the Easter long weekend, my family and I went to the Queen Elizabeth Park. The weather was so awesome, it was actually kinda warm. My hunt for cherry blossoms failed that trip though because the trees incredibly bare. Instead we just enjoyed the view and the warmth. I also went to Steveston Harbour last week but I have yet looked at the photos from that trip.

Ps - Recently I have been surprised by the number of visits this blog has been getting. To everyone who reads this, thank you for your interest! I know this page is not very organized right now and I hope to clean everything up once finals are over. Also, thank you for the comments - you are all very kind.  :)



The name "sojoo" roots from "this is so Joany". Somehow in my convoluted thoughts, the name makes sense. On this blog you will find a collection of photos from my every day life. Hope you enjoy and stay for a little while.