Happy Friday! This is a "Photo Dump" Post...

 Flowers outside the Chan Centre at UBC. Next time I will be back here will probably be for my graduation ceremony in May!

 Good Old Irving Library. My home away from home for the first 2 years of my undergrad (then I moved onto to studying at Woodward or at home).

When the sky is clear, you can see this view from all the way across campus! I enjoy it a lot during stressful times.

 Piggy "Lai Wong Bao". Looks cute but doesn't taste very good.

Canada had its largest jackpot in its history! I rarely buy lottery tickets but I figure for $55 million dollars, I might as well give it a try. I only got one matching number so I was not even close to the jackpot. My dad won $10 dollars though. $$$


  1. Nice pictures! This piggy looks really cute and adorable, but sorry to hear that it does not taste very well.

  2. The flowers in the second picture actually look unreal, haha! The piggy bun is so cute as well, too bad it didn't taste that great.

  3. The flowers are so pretty! The pig looks so cute but it's too bad about the taste. I love lai wong bao though - I always get it when I go yum cha!




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