Stanley Park Photo walk - Part 1 (Macro Edition)

I was invited to a photo walk yesterday at Stanley Park! I've never been to a photo walk before with other photographers so I felt inexperienced. We managed to walk for 4.5 hours around most of the park and I was able to visit places that I did not know existed in Vancouver. The weather was warm but the sky was hazy at the beginning which was not ideal. I'm very happy it decided to clear up a little bit towards the end so  the "sunset light" could shine through the trees. Below are the macro shots I took during the walk. The rest of the photos will be uploaded soon. :)

these flowers remind me of some type of cell 

the center of these flowers are either yellow or white. 

The composition for all these turned out very similar! :( I was so focused on trying to focus I didn't pay attention to anything else. I'm still practicing but I think I have improved from last time.


  1. Those are really beautiful macro pictures! I think you did a quite good job :)
    And I love the fourth as well as last photo.

    1. the 4th one is my favorite as well. thank you Maho! :)

  2. Wow, these turned out really good! They look so different up close, that one does remind me of a cell as well.

  3. flowers are a beauty in themselves. lovely photos here to capture them!

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  4. oh my goodness these macro images are so wonderful! nature is so beautiful up close

  5. Don't worry about the photos looking the same, they are all beautiful! I love the dandelion one the most. :)

  6. Wow great photos! The photo walk sounds like a lot of fun. (:




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