Stanley Park Photo walk - Part 2 (everything else)

Sun set & uneven light

One thing I learned about myself is that if I take too many pictures I feel less encouraged to edit them. I wonder how it will be like when I leave for my Asia trip this summer. It might take weeks for me to edit everything!

 Lions Gate Bridge

 View from Prospect Point

 Wind took out most of this area a few years ago. It's growing back now!


  1. lovely photos. My favorite would have to be the picture of the tree branches! I was taking a walk the other day and looked up the trees...beautiful indeed. It's something we definitely take for granted quite often!

    alex carouselstreet.com

  2. I really love the photos you took, that park just looks so scenic and beautiful! I know what you mean about the photo editing thing by the way, I tend to work on my blog photos and neglect the rest. Such a bad habit...

  3. These pictures are lovely, are they all from one park? Everything looks so varied!

    I get what you mean, I usually love editing photos but when I'm back from travelling I have no idea where to start, haha.

    1. Yeah it's all in one park! according to wikipedia there are 200 km of roads and trails so walking around it really does take hours and hours.




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