June Adventures

June went by so much quicker than I had anticipated. Between lab reports every week, studying and volunteering I found little time to sit down and reflect. 

clockwise from top left: hospital entrance, SFU graduation, Surrey from up high, waiting for WongFu and Yuri Tag

clockwise from top left: my new hair cut, toy lenses, black water and new instagram prints (10 for $1 - thank you Blacks promotion!)

Left: One of the first shots using the phone fisheye lens

View while eating lunch (TIP: Reduce window reflections by stepping back from the window)

Here are some of the June highlights:

  1. Became the new owner of an Samsung Galaxy S3. Major upgrade from my HTC Incredible S (which wasn't able to charge properly...). I even bought camera lenses for the smartphone. With the fisheye, wide-angle and macro attachments, taking photos with my phone has become a lot more fun
  2. Graduations! Graduations! I made my rounds to visit other schools graduations and celebrated with my cousins and friends
  3. I saw Wongfu Productions when they visited Vancouver (well, Phil and Wes). I high-fived Phil's sweaty hand and saw Wes play frisbee with UBC students. Vancouver fans were even able to see the newest Wongfu video before it was uploaded to YouTube :)
  4. Dragonboating! This is something I would never thought I would do but since I started my "YES!" attitude last year, I am always trying new things. I have to say, I am really enjoying it. Travelling once a week to Victoria can be a little draining but the experience is worth it.
  5. In one week I will be making my way to Korea! I may disappear again for another 2-3 weeks but I will be back! 
Happy Canada Day!


  1. Lenses for your phone, so fancy! Looks like you had a busy June, hope you have an awesome time in Korea.

  2. Wow, sounds like such a busy and fulfilling month for you. Dragonboating sounds really fun and daunting, haha.




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