Korea: Part 2

Continuing from Nami Island to Empress MyeongSeong Memorial, Everland and the trip to the DMZ! There were 3 major challenges while photographing in Korea. 

1. There are people everywhere! Taking shots without tourists in the background takes patience and some preparation. I like to mentally frame multiple shots in the area so when I see an opening between crowds I can quickly run in and snap away. 
2. Low light/fog. Autofocus is usually the best especially since time is so limited but when there is heavy fog autofocus can be tricky. 
3. Humidity. I usually use a UV filter on but in Korea I had to remove it because moisture began to build up between the lens and the filter. I was shocked at how bad it was, even my viewfinder was blurry after I stepped out of the extremely air conditioned tour bus.


  1. I reckon your photos turned out really well anyway! Those white tigers are beautiful.

  2. These photos are so pretty, I've always wanted to visit Korea but I've been told to avoid middle of winter and summer

    x karen




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