Building your own photo wall

Those who have been following this blog or my instagram would know I started building my photo board earlier this year. With a recent deal on prints, I decided to print photos from my Asia trip and fill the rest of the board! If you are interested in building your own photo wall, here are some tips.

// Find a base board or large stretch of empty wall.
The larger the better! My room doesn't have enough space for a floor to ceiling photo wall so I compromised by building my collage onto an old corkboard.

// Print your favourite photos.
Chose whatever you want! I like to print my brighter photos because they make my room feel happier and I prefer to mix it up by selecting both "close up" shots "landscape" shots. Best to pick a size (4x4, 5x5, 4x6) that fits the layout you have in mind. I have all 3 of these sizes throughout my board and I print from London Drugs & Blacks.

// Pick a layout. 
If you are using the empty wall idea it is much easier to create different shapes with your photo wall. You can form a heart or diamonds/triangles or even letters/words if you have enough prints! Try laying it out on the floor and see what you like before sticking anything on the walls.

// Don't skimp out on tape.
On the top photo you can tell which photos I ran out of tape for because the corners I didn't put tape on stick up and casts a shadow. Aim for the clean look by putting tape or blue tack on all 4 corners rather than just the sides.

// Find some inspiration.
My favourite photos walls are from Pei Ketron, Cindy Loughridge, and Kristen May. Do you have any personal favourites?

What do you think? Is this a project you could do yourself? Let me know!


  1. A picture wall is a wonderful idea, because you are putting
    memories on your wall c: Xx

  2. Wow, I love how your photos slot together so neatly! I'd so do this if I had space on my wall, haha :)




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