Last Harvest

Turns out I only used my camera twice in September. These photos was for one of those times. This summer our tree has been blessed with so many figs we couldn't keep track! Even during our Asia trip, some figs became so ripe we couldn't eat them when we got back. It took the tree 3 solid years before any edible figs came out of it though so I consider this successful season as our reward for our patience.


Today I merged my joanytang.com domain with this blogspot to simplify my online presence. Hopefully now I can focus better and use whatever limited time I have to update one place more often! I can't believe I'm still going though my Hong Kong photos...I feel like I'm living in the past.

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  1. Cool photo :) I've never seen a fig in its organic/natural state so this is pretty neat ;) I remember looking at my asia photos when i came back from vacation as well...quite nostalgic so i get what you mean! Cool blog btw. Am now following you on bloglovin'! Hope you can follow back :)

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com




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