Hong Kong: Part 3 & Macau

Is this real? I've finished going through my photos from Hong Kong?! Hurray! Writing this now, more than 3 months after my trip feels so strange. Summer seems so much farther away. The first two weeks I came back I was in total withdrawl mode. I missed the endless supply of sugary drinks like banana milk, milk tea and lemon tea wherever I went. I missed learning new things about my culture, living in new hotels and shopping on the streets of Hong Kong. Since coming back I turned 22, took on a full-time job, started to move to a bigger house and got accepted to Nursing school. Bam! 3 Months. 

Continuing from last post, I was at Lantau Village enjoying the place free from other tourists. Stores were starting to close and we were waiting for the last bus to leave. The bus ride down the mountain was filled with many tight corners. From the window it looked like the bus only had inches to spare with each turn! The scenery might be worth the near heart attacks though...maybe.

And that concludes my last batch of photos from Hong Kong! Our very last day was saved for a rushed trip to Macau. Looking back, I never want to do a rush trip again because it's way too stressful. We were there for 8 hours but I only had 3 hours of freedom to explore. There are way too many things to see and 3 hours was not enough. I did gamble there though...it was the first time I was old enough in that city! While I was walking through MGM I spent 5 mins playing the slot machine and won enough money for breakfast. YES! I don't even remember how much I won now that I'm thinking back but the fact I won anything with so little time is good enough.

And that's it! My summer trip to South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau. :)



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