Photo Diary (Project 365 Highlights)

- Getting my own patients! (oh em gee)
- Lysol has been my friend since I'm becoming increasingly aware of germs. I blame it on working at the hospital.
- Catching up on Modern Family, New Girl & The Mindy Project on weekends
- Getting addicted to watching the Korean show, The Return of Superman (weak spot for babies...)
- Starting to train for 10k now that the weather has been slightly warmer
- Dine Out Vancouver Menus ( I went to two restaurants this year - one was great, the other was very disappointing)
- The recurring fog that has been happening lately has resulted in some spooky situations and interesting photos
- Re-found my love for arcade games

Until next time! xoxo


2014 so far... (Project 365 Highlights)

I began 2014 with a night-in making dumpings, drinking wine and eating pizza (classy). We started a new tradition of dressing up and made memories with a pseudo-photobooth. The set-up was basically taping discounted Target wrapping paper (yes!) on to a wall as a backdrop. // My aloe plant has miraculously survived the move! I literally carried it in my arms and walked to my new house with it though rain and snow. I thought the temperature shock would mean the end of it but it has gotten even greener since I moved it. Mr. Aloe, sure is resilient.
My favorite IKEA bedding of all time. Simple heart doodles and intricate details - both my favorites.
For under 7 bucks and on a rainy Vancouver evening - this was perfect.
I was taught how to make sushi last night and I had so much fun! V and I made 6 rolls and we spent most of the afternoon just prepping all the materials. I was given a beautiful Japanese-styled dining set this Christma and sushi night was the best opportunity to use it. My brother saw my set up and sang "instagraaaam time". I wonder where he got that from? :P

How has your 2014 been so far? For me it's almost been non-stop. My attention has been divided between the new house, the old house, starting school again and keeping up with my readings. Luckily that means I should have something to photograph/capture on video every day right? I should have no excuse...right??

For all my project 365 photos, follow me on instagram @yojoane. :) Until next week!


2014 - new year projects

Hope everyone is having a great 2014 so far! I always feel extra ambitious at the start of the new year and try out new creative projects to make my 365 days an inspirational one. Here are the project I'm starting/restarting for 2014:

One line a day: Five Year Memory Book - I am a fan of these memory book/daily journals because the time investment is so minimal but the "at awe" feeling I get when I look back on past entries is so worth it. Really? I wrote this? I did this? Ahhhh. There are so many little day to day things that change and I wouldn't have even realize it unless I recorded it. I've completed one year so far and so much has changed already - I can't imagine how much change 5 years can lead to.

1 Second Everyday 1 Second Every Day - Again, another project that doesn't take too much time but really challenges me in a creative way. I rarely record anything on video and before I started this project I think I had 3 videos on my phone. It will be good to learn how to tell stories through a new media - I hope I can do it!

Project 365 - I almost don't even want to consider this as an official project I'm starting because I do it every year and fail. I will try again though...as always!

12 Drawings - I was given a wacom tablet for Christmas so this project will challenge me to learn how use it. One drawing a month. Shouldn't be too hard right?

What projects are you starting this year? 



The name "sojoo" roots from "this is so Joany". Somehow in my convoluted thoughts, the name makes sense. On this blog you will find a collection of photos from my every day life. Hope you enjoy and stay for a little while.