2014 - new year projects

Hope everyone is having a great 2014 so far! I always feel extra ambitious at the start of the new year and try out new creative projects to make my 365 days an inspirational one. Here are the project I'm starting/restarting for 2014:

One line a day: Five Year Memory Book - I am a fan of these memory book/daily journals because the time investment is so minimal but the "at awe" feeling I get when I look back on past entries is so worth it. Really? I wrote this? I did this? Ahhhh. There are so many little day to day things that change and I wouldn't have even realize it unless I recorded it. I've completed one year so far and so much has changed already - I can't imagine how much change 5 years can lead to.

1 Second Everyday 1 Second Every Day - Again, another project that doesn't take too much time but really challenges me in a creative way. I rarely record anything on video and before I started this project I think I had 3 videos on my phone. It will be good to learn how to tell stories through a new media - I hope I can do it!

Project 365 - I almost don't even want to consider this as an official project I'm starting because I do it every year and fail. I will try again though...as always!

12 Drawings - I was given a wacom tablet for Christmas so this project will challenge me to learn how use it. One drawing a month. Shouldn't be too hard right?

What projects are you starting this year? 


  1. Again, I have so many things in my mind that I want
    to do and fulfill like crafting, drawing, crocheting...
    So nice that you have a Wacom tablet! I have it on
    my wishlist :P might plan to buy it soon! Xx

    1. ooo you are so creative I'm sure you can do incredible things with the wacom tablet :)

  2. Oh my what a wonderful series of projects to keep you busy. I did Project 365 twice and I loved and hated every moment of it - it was both stressful and fun at the same time. I can't wait to follow your journey! I'm going to try and journal everyday for the entire 2014 - wish me luck, I've never been successful but with a cute journal on hand shouldn't be too bad!

    1. Your project 365 was lovely. You captured day to day life well and it was interesting! I always start with the photo projects but fail towards exam period but maybe this year will be different. And Good Luck! The journal portion is something I want to get completed /at least/. A good looking journal would help a lot!




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