2014 so far... (Project 365 Highlights)

I began 2014 with a night-in making dumpings, drinking wine and eating pizza (classy). We started a new tradition of dressing up and made memories with a pseudo-photobooth. The set-up was basically taping discounted Target wrapping paper (yes!) on to a wall as a backdrop. // My aloe plant has miraculously survived the move! I literally carried it in my arms and walked to my new house with it though rain and snow. I thought the temperature shock would mean the end of it but it has gotten even greener since I moved it. Mr. Aloe, sure is resilient.
My favorite IKEA bedding of all time. Simple heart doodles and intricate details - both my favorites.
For under 7 bucks and on a rainy Vancouver evening - this was perfect.
I was taught how to make sushi last night and I had so much fun! V and I made 6 rolls and we spent most of the afternoon just prepping all the materials. I was given a beautiful Japanese-styled dining set this Christma and sushi night was the best opportunity to use it. My brother saw my set up and sang "instagraaaam time". I wonder where he got that from? :P

How has your 2014 been so far? For me it's almost been non-stop. My attention has been divided between the new house, the old house, starting school again and keeping up with my readings. Luckily that means I should have something to photograph/capture on video every day right? I should have no excuse...right??

For all my project 365 photos, follow me on instagram @yojoane. :) Until next week!


  1. Vancouver must be rainy and cold this time of year. I only moved to Australia about half a year ago but I miss my home town. Looking forward to be back soon - especially to check out that fish cake/noodle dish you have there!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! Aw, love what a survivor your aloe plant is. Good luck with project 365!

  3. Seems like you've had a great start to the new year and looking forward to your next posts. And the noodles under $7 is A+ :P




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