Photo Diary (Project 365 Highlights)

- Getting my own patients! (oh em gee)
- Lysol has been my friend since I'm becoming increasingly aware of germs. I blame it on working at the hospital.
- Catching up on Modern Family, New Girl & The Mindy Project on weekends
- Getting addicted to watching the Korean show, The Return of Superman (weak spot for babies...)
- Starting to train for 10k now that the weather has been slightly warmer
- Dine Out Vancouver Menus ( I went to two restaurants this year - one was great, the other was very disappointing)
- The recurring fog that has been happening lately has resulted in some spooky situations and interesting photos
- Re-found my love for arcade games

Until next time! xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pictures and nice to read
    your highlights ^__^ I still need to
    catch on Modern Family and New
    Girl.. Xx




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