Springing Forward...(Project365 highlights)

Happy Spring! Here are some highlights:

  • Still super happy about flowers in my room. Pretty sure I'm slightly allergic but that's okay. :)
  • Sunflower seedlings are growing! I'm growing them by my window sill and I have to rotate the container every day so it doesn't grow sideways.
  • My daisy seedlings are growing too! The issue is I got impatient after 1 week of nothing so I planted a few more seeds in the same pot. You know, just in case. Now I have a mess of seedlings growing at variable rates.
  • I'm enjoying my newest lip balm. Live Clean lip balms are 100% natural which is reassuring since I probably eat most of it anyway (not on purpose of course!) 
  • A little Chinese-Korean place is where I've been visiting a lot this past year. They usually run out of their deep fried dumplings but I finally got a chance to try them. Yummmm
  • I randomly ordered a photobook from ArtsCow since they had a 99 cent promotion. 99 cents+Free Shipping. Seriously. It's an assortment of photos from 2013 that I quickly threw together. The book turned out well and exceeded my minimal expectations. I may order something else later! Perhaps a phone case?


  1. Lovely clean photos :)!

    I have really chapped lips myself, but it's been hard to find a chapstick that will do the job. How is Live Clean working out for you? Also, do you know if ArtsCow is still having that promotion?

    1. This one is working great for me but then again, my lips aren't too dry this time of year. It gives a tingly/minty feel which I personally like. At my worst I actually would still turn to a medicated lip protectant called "Lip Infusion" by Blistex! The packaging isn't as pretty as Live Clean but it does the job and has saved my cracked lips in the past.

      As for the ArtsCow promo, it doesn't look like they have it going on right now. Hopefully it will be back soon!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it's great! I'm going to make it a habit to get fresh ones from now on ^^

  3. I think our apartment needs a little more color too. The flowers look great against that clean, bright background.

  4. *drools* the fried dumplings looking goood!
    And nice flowers you have in your home c; Xx

  5. Lovely photos and the photo book is such a cute idea. I remember someone at Uni who made one of those, and they look SO good!

  6. Sweet and sour pork!! I love that thing :'))

  7. Haha I have hay fever so I can't be near flowers :( Aw your daisies are going well!

  8. these are super pretty captures!

  9. your blog is so cute! I'm following you now!




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