The Elusive Green Thumb

As I was in the middle of a run it hit me, "hey, my ears aren't frozen and I still feel my face...could it be? has it gotten warmer?" It think it has! Time to begin new projects! With the new house, I have so much more space to learn how to grow things. Being born in a big city and moving into another big city, I have strictly been living in apartments or townhomes without any...well, dirt. This new house is like a whole new world with so many possibilities! The snow melted and I finally looked around the existing gardening space to see what was sprouting up. Interestingly enough, things are growing. I don't know what they are as they are just coming up but I don't think I'll dig them out just yet. There is the one stubborn leafy plant (can you tell my courses in Plant Biology doesn't help much in gardening?) that I do wish to take out or at least tame. It is in a current state of rotting, dying or barely alive and I don't know where to even begin chopping things off. The shots above come from my phone again - the plant doesn't look so bad if things are nicely cropped, hahaha.

I'm currently trying to germinate sunflower and daisy seeds. I never had much luck on flowers but I hope they work this year!

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  1. I've lived in a flat for ages so haven't gardened since I was little! Let us know how it goes :)

  2. Beautiful picture dear :D

  3. Haha the good thing about Vancouver is that the snow doesn't last long. You'll soon see more of those plants underneath I'm sure.

    1. So true, Kelven. It was strange because it snowed (non-stop) for a several days. You would know since you're from Vancouver, but that has never happened before!




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