Okonomi Sushi

Do you ever get excited looking at pretty sushi rolls? I do. I have made my own rolls before and nothing even compares to some of these rolls at Okonomi Sushi. They photographed so well and they tasted great too. I'm waiting for the day to go back and try some more rolls.

This is coming from a person who rarely ever goes to New Westminster to eat. It was only after we saw an ice cream tempura photo on facebook did we decide to hunt some down for ourselves. It was confusing to find the location because there were two restaurants of the same name relatively close together. We decided to go to the 6th street location after reading not-so good reviews from the 4th street restaurant.

Actually, the reviews for both places seemed inconsistent but the the craving for ice cream tempura was too strong to make rational choices. We just picked the most convenient location. Nevertheless, my expectations were low entering Okonomi Sushi. The waitress serving us was shy and obviously new to the job. I felt sorry for her as other tables were complaining about missing water, waiting exceptionally long for any service and etc. Our table just waved our hands to get her attention. She was new so we tried to be patient.

When our orders came I was pleased! The rolls had a lot of filling, the flavor was awesome and gee, did they look good. The special pink rice they have was unique and I was excited to try it. It didn't taste anything different about the rice though. I have a hard time picking a favorite roll because all were so good.

Seeing that icecream tempura was why we were there in the first place, I was slightly disappointed by this dessert. I have never tried deep fried ice-cream before but I did not expect the batter to be so soggy. I may have to make a trip to the Richmond Night Market in search for another deep fried ice-cream experience.

That would be for another day. :)
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  1. Wow the sushi looks too nice to eat :P beautiful food photography :)


  2. Mmm, this is giving me some serious sushi cravings! That ice cream tempura sounds interesting, although it's a shame that it wasn't great. You should definitely try fried ice cream wrapped in filo pastry though, sometimes I make it myself and it's amazing!

  3. Sushi is definitely pretty to look at but I've never been into eating it! I feel like that would be one step closer to becoming an adult, haha.

  4. Oh, I don't like sushi but these pictures are gorgeous and that ice cream looks amazing!

  5. This looks amazingly delicious! Your food photos are great. :)

  6. HOLY MOLY! This looks delicious!



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  7. That looks jaw dropping good! I wish we had sushi like this in the Netherlands.. wow




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