Riverway Clubhouse

I thought I knew Burnaby well enough but I was wrong because I did not know of the existence of the Riverway Clubhouse. Located at the golf course, this place looks absolutely beautiful on a bright summer morning. Window light everywhere and those crazy high ceilings...my favorites!

We made our brunch reservations several weeks in advance after getting some raved reviews from family friends. We decided to book the earliest time available (10am) to accommodate for my work schedule but learned they open behind schedule sometimes especially on the days in which private events are held the evening before. There was no rush on our part so we wandered around enjoying the scenery until we were seated. The tables did not start filling until make 10:30am or 11am. I suppose 11am is a better "brunch time" but I was too eager!

The brunch buffet was small in selection but we were all very happy with the food. I assume the food might be different every brunch so better to experience Riverway Clubhouse for yourself. It's a treat!

As for me, I want to come back for the lunch menu and be seated at the gorgeous patio next time. Who wants to take me out on my birthday? :P

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