Bows x Arrows

Bows & Arrows has incorporated a lot of my favourite elements into their coffee shop. Simple, uncomplicated menu items, an open and airy atmosphere, greenery on every flat surface, friendly staff, and pretty decent coffee. Bryan picked this cafe for our weekday meet up because he thought it would be 'my style'. He was totally right.

In typical Joany fashion, I encouraged him to accompany me to do more cherry blossom hunting after our brunch. I am truly addicted. 

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Nearly Full Bloom

Since I work nightshifts often at the hospital, I crave to be outdoors during my days off. Unfortunately during the winter and spring months, the odds are against me for good weather. When Vancouver had its gloomiest month in March, I probably saw a fraction of the 70.5 hours of sunshine because I was sleeping during the day. 

Nevertheless, if its relatively dry, I want to be outdoors. Last weekend, there was a break in the rain and I persuaded Sam to take a walk with me around his neighbourhood. Unlike my neighbourhood, the trees in this part of Vancouver are pretty much in full bloom. Pretty!



If I ever open up my own cafe/restaurant, I think the decor would be inspired by Shishinori. This tiny location seats about 5 tables and is filled with little DIY decor details that just make you go "awww" the whole time. They still have Christmas decorations up right now and that's not even a negative point. Everything is just so cute!

We got the beautifully plated Hawaii Ahi Poke Bowl and Spicy Chicken Chashu Bowl (not pictured). All their mains come with half a plate of salad which gives the illusion that this was a guilt free meal.

Their parfait was a work of art in itself and I felt guilty deconstructing it. There were many different layers and toppings that I was not familiar with so we had to refer to the pictured diagram quite often. Sam mentioned it reminded him of the parfaits he had during his trips to Japan which got him pretty excited. For me, I usually like all things matcha and mochi but thought the gummies and jello was a weird combo.

Overall, I am a fan! Friends, if you want to hang out for a lunch and catch-up....let's come here. :)

- A cute little hangout for breakfast, lunch and dessert
- Food comes extremely fast and their mains taste great
- Everything was visually appealing but the portions are small for the hungry (me)

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Cherry Blossom Watch

With Vancouver's harsh winter weather (hopefully) behind us, the spring blooms are finally starting to pop up. These photos are from a quick walk around the neighbourhood to capture the first sights of this year's cherry blossoms. They are not fully bloomed just yet, but with rain in the forecast for the next week, I did not want to delay and risk missing them completely!



When your friends cannot decide to satisfy cravings for Japanese food or Korean food, HonSushi is a good place to pick. It probably has been open for a while now but in my head it is constantly referred to as "the place that used to be Fish-on-Rice". Is my age showing? Moving on...

HonSushi has a Japanese and Korean menu available so you can pick and choose to suit your hearts desires. From our quick study of the menu, you can likely find common favourites from either type of cuisine. Sushi, udon, japchae, bulbolgi, you name it. Today, our desire for Korean food won but then again, with this group of friends... Korean fried chicken always wins.

Honey Garlic Soy Fried Chicken (Large) - YASSS

The large size was shared between 6 of us and was just enough (but we could always have more). As fried chicken experts, we thought it was surprisingly good. It was just enough crispy, there was a lot of meat and I liked the flavours.

Next up was the Spicy Kimchi BBQ Pork (two servings) with a side of rice cakes.

I'll never get tired of dipping hot meat and kimchi in melted cheese and mixing it corn

At first glance, this dish looked like it was all kimchi but there were actually moderate amounts of pork pieces mixed in. Honestly, the rice cakes totally made this dish from meh to good.

Tabom was the first place we had experience this type of dish and I thought HonSushi was an okay alternative if Tabom in Coquitlam was too far of a drive.

Seafood Pancake - it just falls apart

The seafood pancake looked really nice and crispy on the outside but ours kinda of fell apart because it was slightly undercooked on the inside. This is a common problem I find with this type of dish! Nevertheless, there was a good amount of squid and what I think is imitation crab. The dipping sauce was spicy and had a good kick.

- Nothing amazing, but good value food
- The restaurant is large and can seat larger groups

Tips & Recommendations:
- Order their fried chicken :)
- Bring a group of friends to share because their best dishes are meant for sharing
- Also good for groups who cannot make decisions
- Use the ringer button service because otherwise no one will refill your tea
- Free parking after 6pm (free street parking available but you'll have to walk)

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Rainy Days in Seattle

As with many things in my life, most decisions are made based off of food. What am I craving? What is trending right now? What looks good? When I got linked to the largest pho available via Facebook or Instagram, I knew I would eventually be making a trip down south. I mean... what is 230 kilometers of driving?

Cherry shares the same ideology as me in this aspect of life and together, we planned a low-key trip to eat, relax and celebrate our passing of the NCLEX (we're legit nurses now, yass). When we were deciding to do a day trip or stay one night in Seattle, the ultimate deciding factor was the fact we could fit at least two more meals in our trip if we stayed the night. Done deal.

With Downtown Seattle as our home base, we planned to venture out to explore mainly Pike Place, Queen Anne, and Bellevue. One of our first stops was to hunt for Rachael...apparently, that's the name of the pig? Cherry could not find a source for this information but in our hearts, the pig is now known as Rachael. Our spirit animal.

Pike Place Chowder - Three Chowder Sampler & Half a Lobster roll

We somehow managed to squeeze into a little corner of the restaurant by the window to eat our lunch. At the same time, a storm was rolling in and people outside were scrambling to take cover. With every big gust of wind, rain sprayed my head from some unknown origin. But that doesn't matter - the chowders were delicious.  Creamy, flavourful, and hearty. You can pick no wrong. The lobster roll was a bit of a splurge for us but this was an NCLEX-passing-celebration trip, y'all. I just wish it didn't come out cold. 

Pike Place Market is much like how Granville Island is to me. Lively, full of quirks and interesting corners. This is my second time visiting as an adult and I am not bored of it yet! What is your favourite thing to do/see at Pike Place?

The Gum Wall - If you don't let yourself think about it too much, this place is pretty cool. Bonus points if you see a hidden message in the gum.

 Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room - a place to rack up Starbucks stars

In the afternoon, we walked around the rest of Downtown. The Starbucks Reserve was ultimately the fanciest Starbucks ever. People start tabs here! Employees were friendly and eager to answer questions about the roasting process or their coffees in general. Cherry doesn't drink too much coffee so she got an affogato because it had ice cream (hahaha). I think that was my first affogato ever and now I know I like affogatos.

The storm was in full swing by dinner time but we still couldn't pass up a chance to visit Pier57 and see the Great Wheel in person. The pier was nearly empty as rain was coming at us in all directions. We even lost an umbrella heading back to downtown! Cold and wet, we decided the Cheesecake Factory was perfect to raise our spirits (and it did). 

Overall, rain and wind doesn't stop exploring around Seattle. If it did, nothing would ever get done.

Honorable checkpoints for this trip:
- Space Needle
- Mr. West Cafe & Bar
- Dong Thap Noodles***
- Union Coffee



The name "sojoo" roots from "this is so Joany". Somehow in my convoluted thoughts, the name makes sense. On this blog you will find a collection of photos from my every day life. Hope you enjoy and stay for a little while.