Rainy Days in Seattle

As with many things in my life, most decisions are made based off of food. What am I craving? What is trending right now? What looks good? When I got linked to the largest pho available via Facebook or Instagram, I knew I would eventually be making a trip down south. I mean... what is 230 kilometers of driving?

Cherry shares the same ideology as me in this aspect of life and together, we planned a low-key trip to eat, relax and celebrate our passing of the NCLEX (we're legit nurses now, yass). When we were deciding to do a day trip or stay one night in Seattle, the ultimate deciding factor was the fact we could fit at least two more meals in our trip if we stayed the night. Done deal.

With Downtown Seattle as our home base, we planned to venture out to explore mainly Pike Place, Queen Anne, and Bellevue. One of our first stops was to hunt for Rachael...apparently, that's the name of the pig? Cherry could not find a source for this information but in our hearts, the pig is now known as Rachael. Our spirit animal.

Pike Place Chowder - Three Chowder Sampler & Half a Lobster roll

We somehow managed to squeeze into a little corner of the restaurant by the window to eat our lunch. At the same time, a storm was rolling in and people outside were scrambling to take cover. With every big gust of wind, rain sprayed my head from some unknown origin. But that doesn't matter - the chowders were delicious.  Creamy, flavourful, and hearty. You can pick no wrong. The lobster roll was a bit of a splurge for us but this was an NCLEX-passing-celebration trip, y'all. I just wish it didn't come out cold. 

Pike Place Market is much like how Granville Island is to me. Lively, full of quirks and interesting corners. This is my second time visiting as an adult and I am not bored of it yet! What is your favourite thing to do/see at Pike Place?

The Gum Wall - If you don't let yourself think about it too much, this place is pretty cool. Bonus points if you see a hidden message in the gum.

 Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room - a place to rack up Starbucks stars

In the afternoon, we walked around the rest of Downtown. The Starbucks Reserve was ultimately the fanciest Starbucks ever. People start tabs here! Employees were friendly and eager to answer questions about the roasting process or their coffees in general. Cherry doesn't drink too much coffee so she got an affogato because it had ice cream (hahaha). I think that was my first affogato ever and now I know I like affogatos.

The storm was in full swing by dinner time but we still couldn't pass up a chance to visit Pier57 and see the Great Wheel in person. The pier was nearly empty as rain was coming at us in all directions. We even lost an umbrella heading back to downtown! Cold and wet, we decided the Cheesecake Factory was perfect to raise our spirits (and it did). 

Overall, rain and wind doesn't stop exploring around Seattle. If it did, nothing would ever get done.

Honorable checkpoints for this trip:
- Space Needle
- Mr. West Cafe & Bar
- Dong Thap Noodles***
- Union Coffee



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