When your friends cannot decide to satisfy cravings for Japanese food or Korean food, HonSushi is a good place to pick. It probably has been open for a while now but in my head it is constantly referred to as "the place that used to be Fish-on-Rice". Is my age showing? Moving on...

HonSushi has a Japanese and Korean menu available so you can pick and choose to suit your hearts desires. From our quick study of the menu, you can likely find common favourites from either type of cuisine. Sushi, udon, japchae, bulbolgi, you name it. Today, our desire for Korean food won but then again, with this group of friends... Korean fried chicken always wins.

Honey Garlic Soy Fried Chicken (Large) - YASSS

The large size was shared between 6 of us and was just enough (but we could always have more). As fried chicken experts, we thought it was surprisingly good. It was just enough crispy, there was a lot of meat and I liked the flavours.

Next up was the Spicy Kimchi BBQ Pork (two servings) with a side of rice cakes.

I'll never get tired of dipping hot meat and kimchi in melted cheese and mixing it corn

At first glance, this dish looked like it was all kimchi but there were actually moderate amounts of pork pieces mixed in. Honestly, the rice cakes totally made this dish from meh to good.

Tabom was the first place we had experience this type of dish and I thought HonSushi was an okay alternative if Tabom in Coquitlam was too far of a drive.

Seafood Pancake - it just falls apart

The seafood pancake looked really nice and crispy on the outside but ours kinda of fell apart because it was slightly undercooked on the inside. This is a common problem I find with this type of dish! Nevertheless, there was a good amount of squid and what I think is imitation crab. The dipping sauce was spicy and had a good kick.

- Nothing amazing, but good value food
- The restaurant is large and can seat larger groups

Tips & Recommendations:
- Order their fried chicken :)
- Bring a group of friends to share because their best dishes are meant for sharing
- Also good for groups who cannot make decisions
- Use the ringer button service because otherwise no one will refill your tea
- Free parking after 6pm (free street parking available but you'll have to walk)

Hon Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. it's funny how the name is so japanese and yet they serve both japanese and korean food haha
    i think if i were there, i'd order their sushi because i don't like kimchi ^^;;
    aww it sucks how the pancake falls apart the moment you pick it up. that would have really annoyed me so much :\

    1. Hi Elise :) You're totally right - the name definitely does not describe the restaurant very much at all. The background music was kpop and I think all the servers were Korean as well.




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